As we continue to navigate the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, CRBC is encouraging all to “PRAY” & “READ YOUR BIBLE EVERYDAY”, REMEMBER JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR IS IN CONTROL and stay home.

What is that means for someone who is able to work from home?

Here are some best practices to help you navigate this new work landscape, as well as answers to questions you might have about working remote.

  1. Keep it professional.
    Just as you would in the office, you’re expected to follow your companies’ code of ethics, as well as other applicable workplace policies. “Follow the Policies”. By adhering to those policies, you will ensure the safeguarding of confidential information as well as other performance expectations while working from home.

    Tip: Do not do anything at home while working from home that you will not do at work. Example: do not feed your cat and dog while on a business meeting via Skype or WebEx, do not chew gum etc….

    Get up in the morning and do what you do before you drive to work. Dress for success, comb your hair, wear a formal nice shirt and pant.

  1. Stay connected.
    During regular business hours, you’re expected to be as easy to reach when working remotely as you are when you’re in the office. Skype/WebEx and or any company approved technology used is a great way to keep in touch and collaborate with colleagues from any location.

    Tip: Make sure you have high speed internet or else you will have problems connecting through your company provided Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  1. Create an office-like environment.
    Your remote workspace should be private to protect sensitive data; in other words, don’t set up shop in a public location. Getting dressed for work in the morning can also help you get in a good business mindset for the day.
  1. Stay engaged and virtually connect.
    Working remotely can feel isolating at times. Make sure to stay engaged with your work friends and colleagues!
  • Check in from time to time to see what others are working on, how things are going and how you can help.
  • Establish regular, brief check-in meetings to make sure your team stays in touch and everyone is on the same page.
  • Consider having a virtual “lunch” to socialize with work friends and colleagues.
  1. Still no Skype picture?
    It’s definitely time to change that. Adding a recent photo to Skype helps colleagues feel connected with you even when you’re not face-to-face.
  1. Make your workspace work for you.
    You don’t have to completely reconfigure your home office to make your workstation more comfortable.
  1. Take care of yourself.
    More ideas for Remote Employees to lead a healthy life


  • Set up a comfortable work station.
  • Get outside every day for fresh air and sunlight.
  • Eat healthy, whole foods and keep lots of healthy snacks and fruit in the house; avoid sugary snacks and processed foods.
  • Drink lots of water; keep a glass or bottle handy on your desk throughout the day.
  • Stand up during the day – take calls standing, walking around house, or on a treadmill or bike.
  • Maintain exercise routines; look for free exercise videos online, on your TV or through a streaming service.
  • Put a recurrent reminder on your calendar to get up, stretch, walk around, etc.
  • Create a fun activity challenge for yourself and/or with colleagues.
  • Maintain a regular sleep schedule – aim for 7 – 8 hours per night.
  • Incorporate some basic stretches and simple exercises into your workday.


  • Take breaks throughout the day – schedule into calendar.
  • Practice praying whenever you get a minute.
  • Practice deep breathing or meditation to reduce stress.


  • Stay in touch with colleagues throughout the day through video Skype, instant message, Connections forums and phone.
  • Schedule check-ins with people for virtual “drop by” conversations


  • Create a comfortable space dedicated for work only, with privacy.
  • Ensure your workspace is set up properly with the appropriate equipment and supplies; keep clutter to a minimum.
  • Treat your work at home days as if you were going to the office; get up, shower and dress as you normally would.
  • Take a lunch break.
  • Keep a regular work schedule


  • Maintain or create a schedule for your children.
  • Make sure your family members respect your work area as a place of business Living Well Resources.
  • Make sure to let your spouse and kids know that you are blessed to “HAVE A JOB”
  • When possible, spouse and kids “KEEP THE NOISE TO IT’S MINIMUM”